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The Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET)

Dear Users,

The Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET) databases are on trial access until December 30th. You can access databases from following links. You need to use the Trial Databases page for out off campus access.


IET DIGITAL LIBRARY : More than 190,000 technical documents and more than 500 books are made by IET magazines. The magazines contain conference procedures and more than 500 books. Content topics; physics, automation, mechanics, electrical and electronics engineering, computer engineering, energy engineering, telecommunication, radar & solar & navigation technologies, robotics.

INSPEC : The world’s most reliable source of physics and engineering research, containing more than 17 million records indexed by IET scientific experts.

IET.tv : Video access to more than 9,000 basic engineering and technology topics, including technical conferences, documentaries and topical discussions. Various events, lectures, interviews, product introductions, seminars are presented on 10 technology channels.

Updated :17.11.2017


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