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Faculty of Architecture and Design

Systemically downloading data from databases is not permitted under the license agreements.
Database Subjects
*BAU Academic Search You can search multiple databases with BAU Academic Search simultaneously.
Academic Search Ultimate (EKUAL) Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Geology, Law, Psychology, Veterinary Medicine, Materials Science, Music, Religion.
Applied Science & Technology Index Retrospective(EKUAL) An index contains important historical scientific studies and discoveries between 1913 and 1983.
Applied Science and Technology Source Acoustics, Aeronautics, Applied mathematics, Artificial intelligence, Chemistry, Communication and information technology, Computer systems, Energy resources, Engineering, Biomedical, Food and food industry, Geology, Marine technology, Metallurgy, Mineralogy, Neural networks, New technologies, Optical and neural computing, Robotics, Space science, Textile
Art & Architecture Source Advertising art, Antiques, Archaeology, Architecture and architectural history, Art history, Contemporary art, Costume design, Crafts, Decorative arts, Folk art, Graphic arts, Industrial design, Interior design, Landscape architecture, Motion pictures, Museology, Non-western art, Painting, Photography, Pottery, Printmaking, Sculpture, Television, Textiles, Video.
ArtSTOR Art, Science, Architecture, Music, Religion, Antrpology, Literature, World History, American and Asian Studies, Classical and Medieval Studies, Renaissance Studies.
Avery Index Architectural Periodicals Art and Social Sciences.
Bridgeman Education Bridgeman Education is the online education resource of Bridgeman Art Library. Bridgeman Education provides access to large amount of visual content in the fields of fine arts, architecture, culture and history. Bridgeman Education provides legal access to more than 2 milion high definition visual content for the purpose of education and learning.
Britannica Online Art and Literature, World and Geography, Health and Medicine, Philosophy and Religion, Sport and Science and Mathematics,Life Science, Society and Human Science, Nature Science, Technology and History.
Cambridge Online Journal Science, Engineering, Architecture, Social Sciences and Humanities, Economy, Politics, Medicine, Pharmacology.
Central & Eastern European Academic Source (EKUAL) Literature, Science, Law, Business and Economics, Library and Information Sciences, Engineering, Political Science, Sociology, History, Medicine and Health Sciences
DeGruyter Ebooks Architecture and Design, Law, Philosophy, Arts, Library and Information Science, Physics, Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Materials Sciences, Geosciences, Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies, Linguistics, Social Sciences, Economics, Literary, Cultural and Area Studies, Theology and Religious Studies,Engineering, Computer Sciences, Mathematics, History, Medicine and Life Sciences.
E-Book Academic Collection Multidisciplinary electronic book database
Ebook Central (Proquest) Multidisciplinary electronic book database
eBook University Press Collection Multidisiplin elektronik kitap veritabanı
Essential Science Indicators (New) A Web of Science user account is required in order to use Essential Science Indicators.
European Views of the Americas: 1493-1750 (EKUAL)
Financial Times (New)
HiperKitap e-Book Computer Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Literature, Education, Economy and Finance, Business and Management,Music, Policy and International Relations, Astronomy and Space, Chemistry, Physic, Mathematics and Statistics, Energy, Law, Psychology, Arts, Librarianship, Media and Communication, Culture, Engineering, Sociology, History, Agriculture, Medicine, Sport, Travel and Tourism.
Humanities & Social Sciences Index Retrospective(EKUAL) An index contains important resources from different branches of humanities and social sciences between 1907-1984.
IGI Global e-Books Engineering, Communication, Health, Management.
InCites (New) InCites is an integrated academic platform that helps researchers to evaluate their research inputs and outputs, follow latest trends, compare individuals and regions. In order to use InCites, a Web of Science user account is needed.
İntihal.net (EKUAL) Plagiarism detection platform.
IOS Press Electronic book platform about medicine, chemistry, computer sciences, engineering, environmental sciences, architecture, physics, mathematics, social sciences
iThenticate (EKUAL) Plagiarism Prevention.(Please contact us to get User Account.)Only for Academics
Journal Citation Reports (New) A Web of Science user account is required in order to use Journal Citation Reports.
JSTOR (EKUAL) Arts and Humanities.
MasterFILE Complete (EKUAL) Business, Health, Education, Fitness, Sports and Leisure, Personal Finance, General Science, Multicultural Issues, DIY, Fashion.
MasterFILE Reference eBook Collection (EKUAL)
MATREC Sustainable Materials and Trends Sürdürülebilir materyaller, endüstri ürünleri ve trendleri, trend raporları
Mendeley(EKUAL) Reference management system
MIT Press Multidisipliner elektronik kitap platformu
Nature (EKUAL) Biyolojik Bilimler, İşletme ve Ticaret, Toprak ve Çevre Bilimleri, Sağlık Bilimleri, Beşeri Bilimler, Bilimsel Toplum, Sosyal Bilimler.
Newspaper Source Plus (EKUAL) Newspapers, Newsletters and News magazines
Newswires (EKUAL)
Open Dissertations (EKUAL)
Oxford Scholarship e-Book Law, Business and Management, Health Management, Arts and Humanities, Science.
Oxford University Press Journals Social Sciences, Mathematics, Law, Business, Life Science.
Pidgeon Masters of Architecture Arts and Humanities, Architecture.
Proquest Central ABI/INFORM,Accounting, Tax & Banking Collection,Arts & Humanities Database,Asian & European Business Collection,Australia & New Zealand Database,Biology Database,Business Market Research,Canadian Business & Current Affairs,Canadian Newsstream,Career & Technical Education,Computing Database,Continental Europe Database,Criminal Justice,East & South Asia Database,East Europe, Central Europe Database,Education Database,Family Health Database,Global Breaking Newswires,Health & Medical Complete,Health Management,India Database,International Newsstream,Latin America & Iberia Database,Library Science Database,Linguistics Database,Middle East & Africa Database,Military Database,Nursing & Allied Health Database,Political Science Database,Psychology Database,Public Health Database,Religion Database,Research Library information ,Science Database,Social Science Database,Sociology Database,Telecommunications Database,Turkey Database,UK & Ireland Database,US Newsstream
Proquest Dissertations and Theses Global (EKUAL) Thesis.
SAGE Journals Online Business, Humanities, Social Sciences, Technology and Medicine.
ScienceDirect (EKUAL) Chemistry, Clinical Medicine, Computer Sciences, Earth and Sky Sciences, Economy, Business and Management, Engineering, Energy and Technology, Environmental Science, Materials Science, Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy, Social Sciences.
SciVal Scival tüm dünyada 14.000' in üzerinde araştırma kuruluşu ve 230 ülkenin araştırma performans verilerine hızlı ve kolay erişim sağlamaktadır.
Scopus (EKUAL) Chemistry, Clinical Medicine, Computer Science, Economy, Business and Management, Engineering, Energy, Environmental Science, Material Science, Mathematics, Physic and Astronomy, Social Sciences
SpringerLink (EKUAL) Chemistry, Computer Science, Economy, Engineering, Environmental Science, Geo sciences, Law, Life Science, Mathematics, Medicine, Physic and Astronomy.
Statista (New)
Taylor & Francis (EKUAL) Agriculture, Health Management, Behavioral Sciences, Medicine, Psychology, Science, Social Sciences
Taylor and Francis Ebooks Area Studies, Arts, Behavioral Sciences, Bioscience, Built Environment, Communication Studies, Computer Science, Development Studies, Earth Sciences, Economics, Finance, Business & Industry, Education, Engineering & Technology, Environment & Agriculture, Food Science & Technology, Geography, Health and Social Care, Humanities, Information Science, Language & Literature, Law, Mathematics & Statistics, Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing & Allied Health, Museum and Heritage Studies, Physical Sciences, Politics & International Relations, Reference & Information Science, Social Sciences, Sports and Leisure, Tourism, Hospitality and Events.
The Belt and Road Initiative Reference Source (EKUAL) Science, Geography, Environment, Economy and Finance, Law, Internet and Telecommunications, Civil Engineering, Logistics, Architecture, Politics, Sustainable Development, Agriculture, Technology, Trade
Total Materia • Profiles of more than 450,000 materials • 3000 resource for improved data • Metals, polymers, ceramics and composites • 150,000 graphics of stress and transformation • 74 standart development organization 7 • More than 35,000 cyclical materials D • International cross reference tables • Feature guess and interpolation • Chemical compound • Data transfer to computer-driven softwares • Mechanic and physical features • Detection of unknown materials • Multiple material comparison • Tracking standart and material updates Note: When you go to the website, click "Login" button on top right corner. Without typing a username and password, you will be logged in automatically.
Turcademy Natural Sciences, Life Sciences, Law, Engineering, Music and Fine Arts, Health Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities Note: In order to access Turcademy books full text, a Turcademy user account needs to be created with a university e-mail address.
Turnitin (EKUAL) The plagiarism detection.( Please send email to create account)
Web News (EKUAL)
Web of Science (EKUAL) Author and Publication Information.
Wiley Online Library (EKUAL) Trade, Finance, Administration, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geo sciences, Education, Engineering, Law, Life Science, Medicine, Mathematic, Statistics, Physic, Psychology.

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