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  • North Campus Library / Monday-Friday : 08:30-22:00
  • North Campus Library / Saturday : Closed
  • North Campus Library / Sunday : Closed
  • Faculty of Medical Library / Everyday : 08:45 – 24:00
  • Medical Park Hospital Library / Everyday : 7/24
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  • Kemerburgaz Future Campus Library/ Everyday : 7/24

Frequently Asking Questions

In order to borrow books from the library, you must have a student or academic ID.

“Except for reference sources, you can borrow general collection publications, old issues of periodicals.


Extensions cannot be made for magazines and DVDs.

If there is no reservation on the borrowed publications, 3 extensions can be made.

If the lost publication is available for sale, a new one must be purchased. If the publication cannot be reached in any way, 2 times the current value of the publication’s sales price and 10 TL as a transaction fee is charged.

If the lost publication is available for sale, a new one must be purchased. If the publication cannot be reached in any way, 2 times the current value of the publication’s sales price.

You must deliver the book to the library as soon as possible and pay the accumulated fine. The daily late fee is 0.50 TL. If the reader repeats this act for 3 times, he cannot borrow a book for 2 months.

Borrowing period may extended online or by library staff.

Our web addresses:




You can connect to our website by clicking on the addresses mentioned above. You can log in to your library account by entering your username and password given to you, in the username and password sections in the upper right corner of the web page. You can receive your username and password from information desk in the library.

Through the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) process, books can be brought in, and Doctoral and Academic Staff can benefit from this service.

When you enter your own account on the library web page and fill in the required information in the loan request section, the resource you request will be provided by other universities or ULAKBIM. ILL requests are made via the web.

If the resource that you borrowed is not reserved by someone else, you can borrowing period (it is active in the last 3 days before the loan period expires, and extensions cannot be made for expired publications). You can see a list of publications you barrow from the library before, you can create a reading list for yourself, etc.

Databases are sources of information for academic publications. Article, book, standard, video footage, photos, etc. resources are included.

You can get the necessary information from the Off-Campus Access section under the Help dropdown menu on the top right corner of the website.

You can access all databases that the library subscribes to from the electronic databases page.

Click on the Off-Campus Access tab on the library web page. From databases list on the next page; you need to click on the key icon next to the database you need to access and enter your student UMIS username and password. Academic and administrative staff are required to use their user name and password they use for their office computers.

By acting in accordance with the license agreements we have made, you can print out specified dimensions or save them on your computer. Systematic downloading of data is strictly prohibited and the responsibility belongs to the user.

The bibliographic information of the e-books and e-journals in the databases has been transferred to the system.

You can reach the publication from the URL address in the detail information.

You can get user training from the library on the use of databases.

Reserve resources are textbooks or resources that instructors make available to students.

These resources are located on the shelves behind the library circulation desk and are delivered to the user by the library staff. It can be used hourly or daily.

Password information is provided by Student Affairs. You can submit your requests and complaints about this issue to Student Affairs Office.

Support and Documents

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