• Barbaros Library / Monday-Friday : 08:30-17:15
  • Barbaros Library / Saturday : Closed
  • Barbaros Library / Sunday : Closed
  • North Campus Library / Monday-Friday : 08:30-22:00
  • North Campus Library / Saturday : Closed
  • North Campus Library / Sunday : Closed
  • Faculty of Medical Library / Everyday : 08:45 – 24:00
  • Medical Park Hospital Library / Everyday : 7/24
  • Faculty of Law Library/ Monday-Friday : 08:30-22:00
  • Faculty of Law Library/ Saturday : 10:00-18:00
  • Faculty of Law Library/ Sunday : 11:00-:19:00
  • Faculty of Dentistry Library/ Pazartesi-Cuma : 08:30-17:15
  • Faculty of Dentistry Library/ Cumartesi : Kapalı
  • Faculty of Dentistry Library/ Pazar : Kapalı
  • Kemerburgaz Future Campus Library/ Everyday : 7/24



Users who can benefit from “Circulation” service of Barbaros Library, information sources available for circulation, maximum number of loans and applicable circulation times are as follows.

»  Academic Personnel 40 books for 30 days, 1 periodical for 3 days, 1 multimedia for 2 days
»  Administrative Personnel  10 books for 30 days, 1 periodical for 3 days, 1 multimedia for 2 days
»  Undergraduate Student 10 books for 15 days, 1 periodical for 3 days, 1 multimedia for 2 days
»  Graduate Student 15 books for 30 days, 1 periodical for 3 days, 1 multimedia for 2 days
»  PhD Student 20 books for 30 days, 1 periodical for 3 days, 1 multimedia for 2 days
»  Member  5 books for 15 days, 1 periodical for 3 days, 1 multimedia for 2 days
»  External User Limited number of printed materials within the library’s borders.
  1 multimedia within the library’s borders.
  5 books and 5 periodicals can be taken out of the library’s borders for photocopying.  
 • Institution’s members (Academic and Administrative Personnel, Undergraduate, Graduate and PhD Students)
Students), faculty members of other universities, provincial and municipal administrators, commanders
of neighboring military units, teachers of neighboring schools  and students of other universities can use
Bahçeşehir University’s Barbaros Library.
Users who want to benefit from the library’s information sources can borrow, return and extend
materials by showing their identity cards.
Users who borrow materials upon the request of another user must return the borrowed information
source to keep it at the library for half a day at most if requested by the librarians. Information source is
returned to the user when such period expires.
Latest issue of journals cannot be loaned until the next issue is received.
Borrowed information sources may be extended 3 days before the expiration of loan period if they are
not reserved. Materials may be renewed up to 3 times.
External users can benefit from the library for free but may not borrow materials. Users who visit the
library from other universities and want to borrow materials are required to use the ILL procedure of
the libraries of their universities.
The maximum period of time for reserving the information sources if 3 days. An information source
which is not received within 3 days is loaned to another user who requests the material or placed on its
A borrowed information source may not be renewed by third persons. DVDs and journals may not be
renewed but can be loaned for 2 days at the most.
Materials that are not returned when due are subject to a fine of 0.50 Turkish Lira per material for each
day of delay. These amounts are re-determined based on existing conditions.
A book which has been returned by the user may not be loaned to that user on the same day. The user
can borrow the returned material again after 5 working days.
The following procedure will apply to users who fail to return a borrowed material when due:
No new material is loaned to users until they return the information source and pay the delay fine.
The members who are away from the institution for more than 15 days for any reason such as annual
leave, maternity leave, going abroad, conference, semester break or summer holiday will return the
borrowed information source to the library even if it is before the date of return.
If user loses the borrowed information source, then the user will bring its original copy if available on the
As part of the interlibrary cooperation, Bahçeşehir University Library meets the needs of its users by
bringing books, photocopies and scanning results from other universities for faculty members of the
institution. Applicable postage expenses of these procedures are borne by the institution and DVD and
photocopy costs are borne by the readers. The library offers counseling service for students if they
need anything in this respect.
Readers can use the photocopy office at the university center or any external photocopy center for their
photocopying needs.
Materials may not be taken outside the library for photocopying 40 minutes before closing time of the
No material is loaned 15 minutes before the closing time since the library system is turned off.
Users are taken outside the library 15 minutes before the closing time and library officer makes
necessary checks.

Updated :13.07.2015


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