• Barbaros Library / Monday-Friday : 08:30-17:15
  • Barbaros Library / Saturday : Closed
  • Barbaros Library / Sunday : Closed
  • North Campus Library / Monday-Friday : 08:30-22:00
  • North Campus Library / Saturday : Closed
  • North Campus Library / Sunday : Closed
  • Faculty of Medical Library / Everyday : 08:45 – 24:00
  • Medical Park Hospital Library / Everyday : 7/24
  • Faculty of Law Library/ Monday-Friday : 08:30-22:00
  • Faculty of Law Library/ Saturday : 10:00-18:00
  • Faculty of Law Library/ Sunday : 11:00-:19:00
  • Faculty of Dentistry Library/ Pazartesi-Cuma : 08:30-17:15
  • Faculty of Dentistry Library/ Cumartesi : Kapalı
  • Faculty of Dentistry Library/ Pazar : Kapalı
  • Kemerburgaz Future Campus Library/ Everyday : 7/24

Donation Policy


Materials that are “donated” to our library are evaluated and accepted as part of our collection development policy. The collection development policy is based on education, instruction and research purposes and priorities of our university and donations are evaluated according to this policy. Materials which do not comply with the policy or are already available in library’s collection are returned to the donor or sent to another institution that needs such materials.
Publications such as newspaper promotions and brochures are not acceptable.
Publications that are physically clean, unused, with destroyed, missing, written and scribbled pages are not
Course notes, photocopied publications, primary education and high school textbooks are not acceptable.
In case of two copies, Department of Library and Documentation has the right to donate to other institutions.
Donor persons and institutions may not claim any right on the donations.

Updated :29.06.2015

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