• School Year: Monday – Friday  | 08:45 – 00:00
  • School Year: Saturday  | 09:30 – 17:00
  • School Year: Sunday  | 11:00 – 19:00
  • Summer Term:      Monday – Friday  08:45 – 17:00
  • Semester Break:   Monday – Friday  08:45 – 17:00
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Circulation Rules

Circulation Rules

  • ♦ Bahcesehir University Barbaros from the Library of the above-mentioned institutions and other university faculty members, provincial and municipal managers, commanders of military units in the environment, the school environment, teachers can take advantage of.
  • ♦ Library users who want to take advantage of resources to borrow, return and renew books themselves and show their identification cards, provided only they can.
  • ♦ The latest issue of the magazine until the next number can not be borrowed
  • ♦ If there is no reservation on information resources it can be extended to 3 days before deadline. Extending process is limited with 3 days.
  • ♦ Bahcesehir University libraries have free access to users from outside, but can not borrow publications.
  • ♦ The reserved resources can not be kept for more than 3 days. The source of information requests received within 3 days of the loan is another reader.
  • ♦ The duration of borrowed resources not renewal by others
  • ♦ DVD and magazine extension operation is not performed and the loan is no more than 2 days.
  • ♦ Returns the last time 0,50 TL  per day shall be imposed for each material.  These quantities are re-determined according to the terms of the day.
  • ♦ Not allowed to lend to the user on the same day  returned books by the users. The users  5 business days after  can borrow again.
  • ♦ Overdue fines  execution would be as follows:
  • ♦ Will not be  loan as a new resource until the pay overdue fines.
  • ♦ The users who is more than 15 days away from the instution for annual leave, maternity leave, summer vacation, conference, going abroad, semester etc. must remand material   even if not end due date of borrowed materials.
  • ♦ If users lose borrowed material, they have to buy same copy of lost material.
  • ♦ Bahçeşehir University Library,  using the Interlibrary loan services to provide requirements(Copy, scan, books or articles) for academicians.The post payments made to get this materials paid by the University, other payments (copy or DVD’s) must be paid by users.In this regards students can get advice from our library.
  • ♦ Users can copy own materials in University Copy Center or anywhere they preferred.
  • ♦ Users can not borrow materials to copy for 45 minutes before library closing hour.
  • ♦ Borrowing services are closed 15 minutes before library closing hour.
  • ♦ 15 minutes before the library closed, users should leave the library, just in case library staff always check library.

Updated :10.12.2014

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