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Publish your articles as OA without paying the APC

As a result of the agreements made with the following databases, our academicians will be able to publish their articles as Open Access (OA) without paying the Article Processing Charge (APC) in the publications as responsible authors.


American Chemical Society (ACS)

Due to our subscription to ACS Journals, your publications as a corresponding author will be published as open access in ACS journals without the article processing charge (APC).

What is the ACS Read and Publish Agreement?

A “Read and Publish” agreement has been made with ACS, to which we are subscribed, through ANKOS (Anatolian University Libraries Consortium). The ACS Read and Publish Agreement is an arrangement between ACS and a research institution, consortium or funder that combines reading access with open access publishing. Due to our ACS subscription, your publications in ACS journals as a corresponding author will be published as open access without paying the Article Processing Charge (APC). Institutions will also maintain reading access to the research article content included in institutional subscriptions.

The agreement covers publication in all ACS journals, including ACS Omega, JACS Au, ACS Au collection and all ACS hybrid journals.

Detailed information can be found here.

Important Topics:

1) The submitting corresponding author should indicate their affiliation with our institution by selecting our university via a drop-down menu in their Paragon Plus profile. The submitting author should be identified as the person who will communicate with ACS throughout the peer review process.

2) The submitting corresponding author should use our university e-mail address in their Paragon Plus profile. Authors who meet the above criteria will be considered as Qualifying Author. As a Qualifying Author, an open access funding request will automatically be created during the acceptance of your article and you will receive a notification from the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) when your funding request is processed.

You can access the Publisher page where you can publish open access for free here.


EKUAL+Wiley “Read & Publish” Agreement

Within the scope of the EKUAL Project carried out by TUBITAK ULAKBIM, you have been accessing the electronic journals of Wiley publishing house since 2018. Existing 2022 – EKUAL+Wiley “Read & Publish” Agreement, which is an access (Read) agreement

Within the scope of the EKUAL Project carried out by TUBITAK ULAKBIM, access to the electronic journals of Wiley publishing house has been provided since 2018. The existing 2022-2024 Wiley agreement, which is an access (Read) agreement, has been transformed into a “Read & Publish” model to cover the 2023-2025 period.

Under this Wiley Open Access (OA) Agreement, which is the first “Read & Publish” agreement at the national level, all universities in Turkey will continue to have access to approximately 1367 e-journals of the Wiley publishing house.

– “Research Article”, “Review Article”, “Data Article” and “Rapid Publicaition” type publications in Q1 and Q2 Group Wiley Hybrid and Wiley Gold Journals (excluding Hindawi) in Web of Science (WOS) will be covered by OA support.

– Publications submitted and accepted by the researchers of the institution to Wiley journals within the scope will be possible to be published with “Open Access” without paying the Article Processing Charge (APC), if the author wishes.

– According to the terms of the agreement, no “AE article quota allocation” will be made for institutions. The publication of the author whose article is accepted in the journals in question will be queued in accordance with the “first come first served” rule, if requested by the author, and if there is already a right to publish an OA article in the quota, ULAKBIM will approve the article for OA publication.

You can access the list of Q1 & Q2 Gold & Hybrid Open Access Journals that will support the publication of OA articles here.

– Regarding the publications that will be given OA support; publications in hybrid journals should be accepted on or after January 01, 2023, and publications in gold open access journals should be submitted and accepted on or after January 01, 2023.

– It is sufficient that one of the authors of the publication, which is in the above-mentioned journal group and publication type and has the right to publish OA articles in the quota, is an EKUAL Member institution employee and the name of the member institution is mentioned under the name in the publication.

– In case our researchers wish to have their articles published as AE, it is important for the smooth operation of the OA approval processes that they save their institutional e-mails in their application forms when applying for an article to Wiley.

In 2023, you can access the Current (Active) Journal List here.

You can find detailed information here.


Cambridge University Press

– Article processing charges (APC) will be waived for university members who will publish in Cambridge University Press’s “Hybrid” and “Gold Open Access” journals.

– You can find the details of the agreement here.

– You can access the journal list here.


Oxford University Press

University members will be able to publish unlimited open access publications in 343 “Hybrid” journals in the Oxford Journals Online 2023 Journal Collection without paying an article processing fee (APC).

– You can access the journal list here.

– You can find detailed information about the agreement here.


SAGE Journals

SAGE Journals offers subscribed Ankos members the opportunity to publish their articles Open Access. Authors who wish to publish in SAGE Choice journals in the SAGE Premier package will receive a discounted article fee of GBP 200. The standard article fee is GBP 2,400.

You can find more information about SAGE Choice here.

Updated :8.02.2024


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